Caravanning Tips for Your First Trip

Heading out on your maiden caravanning trip is an experience that is sure to spark thrills and a sense of adventure, as well as a healthy dose of trepidation. While you may be itching to hit the road to start enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer, a little preparation and know-how goes a long way to ensure you’re able to make the most of your vehicular voyage. The following top caravanning tips will help bring you (and your home away from home) up to speed while steering clear of the pitfalls prone to newbie travellers.



  • Practise makes perfect – As it does for just about everything, so too does the old adage ring true for caravanning. A few trial runs at home will help save you time and potential embarrassment when later having to perform in front of an audience of fellow campers. Practise unhitching, securing, and levelling your caravan, and run through the procedure required to connect the gas, water, and power needed for your amenities. It’s also wise to attempt reversing your rig a few times at home, in order to master this skill.



  1. Pack more than just the basics – An untimely breakdown of one or more components can sour the trip for unprepared owners. Ensure you carry not only essential equipment, such as wheel chocks, caravan jack, and towing mirrors, but also handy items like extra coolant, oil, duct tape, and basic tools. Making a checklist of the kind of gear you’ll need before you set off is a good idea if you think you’re a more forgetful adventurer.


  1. The early bird catches the worm – Hitting the road earlier in the day is a great idea for those new to the caravanning scene, as it allows you to manoeuvre what can be an undoubtedly cumbersome apparatus through less traffic. Take it slow, and be mindful and courteous towards other motorists, permitting them to overtake when safe to do so. 



  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help – Your fellow nomads will likely be more than willing to offer their help and caravanning tips when you find yourself in a jam, so never be afraid to ask others for assistance. Even when you have “all the gear and no idea”, there’s usually someone nearby who will be happy to you. 



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