Buying a second hand caravan is not something to take lightly.

There are so many things to look out for that could mean the difference between buying a lifelong companion and a big disappointment.

Here at Hinterland, we have a truly awesome range of new and second hand caravans in QLD, and the expertise to help you make the right choice.

We only stock the best brands, whether new or used, and guarantee you will head off with a great quality caravan.

Proven Quality

At Hinterland, we are proud to deal in Australian made caravans.

We believe these provide the best quality and value available.

We have many years’ experience in buying and selling well loved family caravans their owners hate to part with.

Our brands are well known and trusted in the caravanning community, and will be familiar to road users as well as campers across the country.

Different brands are associated with different types of trip, from the luxurious, family holiday to the rugged cross-country explorer breed.

As all our brands have been developed over the last few decades here in Australia

They often have super helpful fixtures and fittings, which come into their own just when you need them.

We check hundreds of moving parts and fixed features to make sure your second hand caravan lives up to the high standards with which it was built.

Wide Range

For quality, great value used caravans in QLD, visit our Burleigh Heads dealership.

We have a huge choice of famous names to choose from.

We have a number of Goldstream models of different sizes and specs, but all of the highest quality.

Goldstream make excellent family caravans, and we have used models only a couple of years old.

There are wind-up family campers, which are extra roomy for the bigger family or touring party.

We also stock some amazing Avida campers and tourers with state of the art facilities, including full en-suite bathrooms.

For luxury and sleek looks, our used Avida range takes some beating. Models are as recent as 2014 manufacture, and maintained to be as good as new.

We also stock and maintain great caravans and tourers by Paramount, Windsor Rapid, Coronet, Supreme, Oasis, Coromal, Olympic, Elddis, Kingdom, Jayco and Golf.

Our prices are extremely competitive, and our full service guarantees you peace of mind every time you set off for your trip.

We have all in one tourers, and vans with all the extras, including awnings and annexes.

We check all fabrics as well as fittings, so you can be sure your covers will not leak.

Because our second hand caravans and tourers are such good value, we have a fast turnover.

Keep an eye on our daily offers and you’ll be amazed at what deals we offer.

Keep in Touch

To get the latest great deals on second hand caravans in QLD, check us out here at Hinterland or call (07) 5583 6777.

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