With a dizzying array of pop-tops, tourers, and off-roaders hitting the market each year, there are almost as many caravans to choose from as there are caravanners. Choosing the right size and equipment level for your first outing is indeed tricky, but with years of experience in caravan sales, the industry experts at Hinterland Caravans can match even the most selective travellers to the mobile dwelling of their dreams. 

Here they detail the key factors to consider when deciding on the dimensions of a new purchase.

Towing capacity

The power of the vehicle with which you intend to lead your caravan must not be overlooked. Automobile manufacturers publish strict guidelines regarding the maximum weight that can be safely hauled, so staying within these limits is imperative – especially for insurance purposes. 

While opting for a fully equipped, feature-rich rig is an attractive prospect, going without unnecessary gear means a lighter, more agile and ultimately a more fuel-efficient ride. If you find the towing capacity of your current vehicle too limiting, it may be time to upgrade to a more powerful four-wheel-drive. Turbo-diesel engines are worth considering as they provide plenty of torque, while helping you save at the bowser. 

Caravan Use

It seems obvious but identifying early on where and how you’d like to use your caravan will help narrow down your options. Adventurous buyers tend to prioritise off-road capabilities, but this comes at the expense of overall size (around 2ft of interior room is often sacrificed due to the need for increased manoeuvrability). 

If you’re planning to adopt the #vanlife and make it your main residence, larger models sport more of the creature comforts that help you settle into a life on the road. Note that a caravan big enough for two may suffice for the time being, but future-proofing by opting for a spacious 20-footer is a wise move for travellers who intend to bring more family on the road.


No doubt your budget will play a significant role in informing your choice of caravan. Though it’s true that added amenities and increased measurements are usually accompanied by an inflated price tag, economical explorers need not slum it. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer is a great way to nab a sizeable and well-constructed caravan at a reasonable price. 

With experience in caravan sales of all shapes and sizes, the staff at Hinterland Caravans can help you find the perfect travel companion. Call the Gold Coast team today on (07) 5560 2472, or dial (02) 4970 4164 for Hinterland Morisset.