For any red-blooded Australian taking to the wilderness in a new caravan, few phrases conjure as much excitement as the term “off-road”. Rugged go-anywhere rigs unlock a host of new possibilities for travellers, but many would-be wayfarers-on-wheels remain in the dark about what they actually entail. The team at Hinterland Caravans sheds some light on what to look for in an off-road caravan on the Gold Coast

Features that won’t falter

The off-roader moniker is often thrown around loosely in the caravanning culture, but there are some basic features common across this category. Typically, smaller than their tarmac-limited counterparts, due to the need for increased manoeuvrability, they boast increased ground clearance, bulkier tyres, a reinforced chassis, and coil suspension in lieu of leaf springs. Some even offer enhanced solar power and water-storage capabilities, encouraging drivers to venture off the beaten track and away from familiar tourist campsites. 

While these features no doubt facilitate freedom not found in your everyday caravan, it’s important to note that not all off-roaders are created equal. When choosing to tackle tough terrain for prolonged periods, it’s essential to opt for an even more focused set-up. Higher-end options sport heavy duty airbag suspension designed for dealing with the corrugation-riddled roads that cross Outback Australia. The rough and uneven topography of the Great Central Road in Australia’s west and north, for example, proves extremely challenging for all but the most robust suspension systems. So, it’s wise to take this into account when mapping any potential routes in an off-roader. 

The off-road compromise 

Despite the many advantages of even an entry-level off-road caravan, they’re not always the most fitting choice for the average nomad. With heightened rigidity and strength of construction often comes an increase in overall weight, and this must be measured against the towing capacity of the lead vehicle. 

Buyers should also consider the necessary compromise in storage space that accompanies purchasing a nimble navigator capable of reaching seldom-seen locales. Of course, pricing is another factor that looms large in this class, and any upgrade in performance will see buyers paying a premium over the standard caravan alternatives. 

Adventurous types needn’t break the bank to find themselves kicking back in an off-roader, as there are plenty of great deals when you know where to find them. With a history of supplying quality and affordable travel companions, Hinterland Caravans is your local go-to for off-road caravans on the Gold Coast. Give the friendly team a call today on (07) 5560 2472.