Buying a new caravan often means involves a major investment, so you want to ensure you know what you’re doing to avoid any regrets. The average price of new caravans for sale starts about $60,000, as the pastime of caravanning becomes more popular in Australia. This price covers quite a broad range, however, if you have a bigger budget closer to $80,000 and over, there are plenty of exciting caravans at the cutting edge of technology, comfort and luxury.


More experienced caravan owners will thoroughly go over all the features, even on a brand-new vehicle, as novice buyers can be distracted by modern features like power showers, rather than focus on the real value of owning a mobile home.


The importance of concentrating on standard features


Although used caravans are more likely to suffer from mechanical and structural issues, a new caravan may already be showing tell-tale signs. Check the bodywork in particular, as further damage usually starts here. Look for bulging panels or seals that are not quite flush. Even a new caravan may have been on a dealership forecourt for some time, especially if it’s for sale, so weather damage may already be showing.


Another standard check is to try out the layout of the van’s interior. As newer models come in a variety of sleeping and living arrangements, it pays to spend a little time inside the vehicle. If you plan on using your caravan for family holidays, for instance, bring your family when you’re looking at caravans for sale, so they can test out the features for comfort and space. Always allow a little leeway, as mobile homes can seem cramped after a while because you could be spending a lot of time with each other the small compartment.


It pays to be practical


While buying caravans for sale is possible online, the team at Hinterland Caravans doesn’t advise it. It’s not a smart move to buy a vehicle without seeing it first, even if it is advertised as being new from the factory. There are other checks you can make before arranging a viewing, such as checking the seller’s reputation via their online reviews. Also, the exact make, model and year should be made obvious; if not, don’t waste time investigating further.


After-sales service is very important when buying a caravan of any kind, and new caravans should offer excellent warrantees and mechanical support. If there are any conditions attached to your warranty, make sure you know exactly what they are before buying. 


A reputable dealer like Hinterland Caravans offers insurance, finance, repairs and servicing, plus parts and accessories, giving peace of mind to many new buyers. So don’t drive off with the wrong choice, contact the experts first at Hinterland Caravans and make sure you’re getting a great deal.