Setting out on your first caravan trip around our great nation can be a thrilling yet daunting experience. There are immeasurable factors to consider before you hit the road, so it seems overwhelming trying to prepare for every eventuality. Thankfully, heeding the advice of seasoned travellers will help you avoid the pitfalls many green explorers find themselves falling into. The team at the leading suppliers of caravans on the Gold Coast, Hinterland Caravans, offers their tips for making your first foray into the world of caravanning. 

Save the Weight

What may come as a surprise to many a would-be caravanner is that to travel throughout Australia you can still pack light. In fact, doing away with unnecessary items is highly recommended as it can help save weight, and therefore money on fuel, as well as free up space for any sundries you may want to pick up on your adventures. Casual, warm clothing is often all that is needed for a life on the road, and minimising toys and electronic distractions means more time spent exploring the landscapes that inspired your trip, to begin with. 

Of course, there are some necessities that simply can’t be parted with, so identifying these is key to ensuring you’re not caught out. A wise move before you depart on a long trip is to first undertake a “test trip”. Camping somewhere nearby your permanent residence will not only sharpen your caravan towing and set-up skills, but it also highlights any camping equipment, cooking utensils, or other items you may be lacking. Make a list of the gear you need and be sure to check it twice before setting out into a less forgiving environment. 

Stick to Budget

It’s important to establish a feasible weekly budget before you leave. Remember to factor in ongoing fuel and maintenance costs among expenses like accommodation and recreational activities. Roadside fruit stands and local markets are a great way to save some cash while sampling fresh regional produce. 

When you’re travelling around Australia in a caravan with plans of discovering both mainstream and off-the-beaten-track attractions, it pays to speak to the experts at Hinterland Caravans. Gold Coast and Brisbane residents can visit their Burleigh Heads location or phone (07) 5560 2472 for help with caravan sales, maintenance, servicing, and advice.