One of the questions we are regularly asked by customers is should I buy a secondhand or new caravan?
When people think of secondhand caravans (or even used cars), they sometimes believe quality must be compromised or that a cheaper, inferior model is the only option.
At Hinterland Caravans, that is not the case. Our Burleigh and Morriset caravan dealerships have hundreds of excellent quality used caravans for sale as well as a great range of new caravans for sale.

Should I Buy a Secondhand or New Caravan – What You Need To Consider



The main reason that people choose a secondhand caravan is either because of their budget or they are new to caravanning and can’t justify spending so much on a brand new caravan, in case they don’t enjoy the experience or only go on holiday once or twice.

There are numerous questions people ask themselves, such as, “What if I don’t like caravanning?” or “Is it affordable?”

As caravan lovers we may be slightly biased but there is no better way to explore Australia than in a caravan.

It affords you freedom with your own personal space and belongings; truly a home away from home.



If you and your family are just starting out on your caravanning journey, a quality secondhand caravan is ideal for your needs.

As well as the lower price (compared to a new caravan) you don’t want the extra worry while getting used to towing.

Towing a caravan is something that can come naturally to some people, but it still takes a lot of practise to master.



Your caravan purchase will also depend on how much you are planning to use your caravan.

It can be a relatively large outlay so if you are not going to be using your caravan more than a few times a year you may not require all the benefits of a new caravan.


Personal Choice

Many new models of caravans follow trends, and are often updated with mod-con’s not available in older style caravans, or enev vans that are only a few years old.

You may prefer an older style van, and that is absolutely fine!


Hinterland Caravans Secondhand Vans

Buying a secondhand caravan from a reputable, award winning caravan dealership like Hinterland Caravans has it’s benefits. We thoroughly check all vans we sell, eliminating the risk of you buying a caravan that has hidden damage, has been taken off road (when it isn’t an off road caravan), or is hiding rust.

If you are looking for a great deal and reliable caravan, we highly recommend you talk to us first (for the best advice).

As one of Queensland’s largest suppliers of new and used caravans, our expert and friendly team will be here to advise you during every step.

Come on down to see us or contact us to see what we can do for you.


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