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Hayman Reece Medium Kit – 600lb

Keeps your caravan and car in a straight line when travelling or under control when a sway occurs due to passing trucks, high crosswinds or when a wheel runs off the road edge. Suitable for towing most popular caravans.

  • Ball weight capacity between 135kg -275kg
  • 600Lb Weight Distribution hitch
  • Trunnion Style 30 inch Spring Bar
  • WDH head includes integrated Friction Sway tab
  • Compatible with Dual Cam Sway Control (not included)
  • Drop shank allows for 6 incremental height adjustments.
  • Hex Cam adjustment washer allows for up to 6 head angle adjustments.
  • Round hook style spring bars have integrated cames whare are ideal for caravans with 6in deep A-frames