120AH 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery


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Fusion CBC Series batteries are a genuine AGM VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery that is completely sealed, spill proof, leak proof and can be used upside down or on their side.

The CBC Series is designed for cyclic (deep cycle), starting and standby applications and can be used in confined or poorly ventilated spaces.

We use advanced engineering techniques to ensure that Fusion CBC Series batteries remain one of the highest quality batteries available in Australia’s with up to 30% more cycle life than other leading brands. Some of this technology includes using a special alloy that significantly increases cycle life and allows the battery to be deeply discharged not to mention the state-of-the-art Thermal Management System that keeps the battery cool especially during charging thus increasing the life of the battery and making it better suited to hotter climates like in Australia’s top end.

We also use unique fluid displacement technology to stop separation of fluid from the plates which is caused by vibration and prevents overheating of the battery. This increases the cycle & service life of the battery even further and makes them extremely resistant to vibration.

Fusion CBC Series batteries are manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001, comply with Australian Standard AS4029.2-2000 . The battery is also made using Flame Retardant ABS Plastic, making it the safest battery available in Australia.

Unlike most other AGM brands, Fusion CBC Series are suitable for under bonnet use meaning that they can also be used in cars, 4WD’s, motor homes, buses and commercial equipment. They are also the perfect choice for dual battery systems, caravans, boats and even camping. The fine print of almost all other AGM brands exclude under bonnet use.

Whether you use Fusion CBC Series batteries as a starting battery, deep-cycle battery, marine battery, back-up power supply battery or a combination of any of the above, our warranty is unconditional of use.

We also provide extended 3 years warranty for when used in back-up power, stand-by or UPS systems.


  • High Performance Genuine AGM Battery – Non-spillable Dry Cell
  • Longer Service Life – Up to 30% more cycle life than other leading brands
  • State-Of-The-Art Thermal Management System – Keeps battery cool during charging & general use making it better suited to hotter climates (like Australia’s top end) and under bonnet use
  • Extreme Vibration Resistant
  • Special Cycle Alloy – Extends the life of the battery, reduces self discharging and improves true deep discharge performance
  • Absorbed Glass Matt Separators (AGM)
  • Extra Thick Plates – For increased capacity
  • Superior Design & Quality – Manufactured to Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001
  • Manufactured to comply with AS 4029.2-2000
  • Extended 3 Years Warranty when used in Back-Up Power, Stand-By or UPS Systems
  • Rated for Under Bonnet Use – Warranty covers under bonnet use
  • Flame Retardant ABS Plastic – Making it the safest available in Australia