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Cheaper Second-hand Caravans Are Available For Sale in Good Condition

If you are tempted by the lure of the open road and the great Australian outdoors, cheap second-hand caravans for sale could be just what you are looking for. Bearing in mind the substantial cost savings against a new model, buying a used vehicle makes sound economic sense, especially if you are just starting out in caravanning.

Cashing in on the benefits of buying used
While there is a definite cost advantage to buying cheap second-hand caravans for sale, there are also many other benefits to be had from making such an astute move, including:

  • Many used caravans may have had only light and occasional use
  • If you buy from a reputable dealer, any hereditary faults have already been identified and repaired for resale by a mechanical team
  • A used caravan may have a detailed and regular service history
  • You will experience a much slower rate of depreciation than with a new model

Where to source the best cheap second-hand caravans for sale
A great place to begin your search for a quality used caravan is with a reputable Gold Coast or Morisset dealer by having a look at their website. While there are some bargains to be had via private sales, these can prove far riskier as there are none of the warrantees you get when buying from the dealer. Companies such as Hinterland Caravans have huge stock supplies of cheap caravans for sale, which you can view online right now.

Why you should trust the caravan experts
Hinterland Caravans has many cheap second-hand caravans for sale, which have been returned to the lot after being sold as new to the original owners. Many of these have been serviced and maintained by the Hinterland team throughout the life of the caravan and therefore have ended up for sale because the owners have traded them in for a new or newer used model.

Buying from a reputable caravan dealer
If you are looking forward to taking long relaxing holidays in many of Australia’s pristine caravan parking spots, you will benefit from the extensive selection of cheap second-hand caravans for sale at Hinterland Caravans. Expert and unbiased advice is always included when you choose to buy your caravan from the experts.

Be Cautious While Looking For Caravans Available For Sale in Qld

While the great Australian outdoors provides the potential to get away from it all, many would-be first-time caravan owners continue to search for caravans for sale in Queensland. Bearing in mind the long distances and remote locations that can be accessed, it follows that reliability and manoeuvrability should be your main concerns.

What to watch out for when choosing your used caravan
Detailed service history and some maintenance receipts are always welcome when you are considering purchasing caravans for sale in Qld. While many owners may simply be moving up-market or quitting their caravanning altogether, others may have less scrupulous reasons for selling. It is useful therefore, to have some idea what to look for when viewing a caravan, including:

  • Check for any cracks splits or breakages in the bodywork, especially around doors and windows
  • Carry out a thorough examination of the interior for excessive wear and tear
  • Ensure that all the windows and doors open and close easily and keep an eye out for moisture and leaks
  • Check that all appliances work, such as cookers, fridges and any AC units, by hooking up to the nearest utilities
  • Take the caravan out on the hitch to ensure that it tows well and the vehicle you intend to tow it with is up to the job

Take care of your investment
Buying a bargain is likely to be the last thing on your mind when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with your family and your holiday is spoilt. While a dealer cannot guarantee that accidents and unforeseen issues will never arise, they can check over and service any caravan they are offering for sale.
Making the right buying choices
While there are some great discounts to be had by purchasing caravans for sale in Qld privately, you should consider the fact that there will be no warranty or any recourse in the event of an issue. Buying from a reputable dealer, such as Hinterland Caravans, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind backed by their established reputation.

Looking at Cheaper Travel Options? Buy Single Bed Caravans for Sale

Sometimes, you just need to follow your own path. When it comes to going your own way, single-bed caravans are the perfect option for solo travel. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway, or a voyage to see the many extraordinary national parks, waterfalls or beaches around Australia, a single-bed caravan is your easiest and most affordable option.

Experience the freedom of solo caravan travel without putting a dent in your pocket. Hinterland Caravans offers a generous range of single-bed caravans, with convenient payment arrangements and an all-in-one in-house service, creating a seamless buying and selling process.

The team at Hinterland Caravans has mapped out the financial process here for you so you can see just how easy it is.

Pay on your terms.
With no deposits required in advance, the finance team can provide you with commercial or private loan benefits and packages to suit your circumstances, with terms of up to 7 years. Weekly, fortnightly and yearly repayment options are available. With these convenient payment protocols, you can start seeing all the corners of the country when it suits you. Whichever way you choose, you’ll be guided throughout the whole process, to enjoy a smoother finance experience.

Tailored to your travel.
With a wide variety of new and used caravans available, you can find a single-bedroom home on wheels to suit your budget. The knowledgeable sales staff at Hinterland Caravans are experts in catering single-bed caravan fit-outs, with features to suit your needs such as air-conditioning, security doors and much more. Your trip can be made comfortable, safe and enjoyable at an affordable price to suit your budget.

What are you waiting for? Choose from a wide range of single-bed caravans in your price range and begin your journey today. Speak to a consultant or visit the Hinterland Caravans Morisset NSW or Burleigh Heads Qld dealerships.

New Caravan Models

What Makes An Off-Road Caravan?

For any red-blooded Australian taking to the wilderness in a new caravan, few phrases conjure as much excitement as the term “off-road”. Rugged go-anywhere rigs unlock a host of new possibilities for travellers, but many would-be wayfarers-on-wheels remain in the dark about what they actually entail. The team at Hinterland Caravans sheds some light on what to look for in an off-road caravan on the Gold Coast

Features that won’t falter

The off-roader moniker is often thrown around loosely in the caravanning culture, but there are some basic features common across this category. Typically, smaller than their tarmac-limited counterparts, due to the need for increased manoeuvrability, they boast increased ground clearance, bulkier tyres, a reinforced chassis, and coil suspension in lieu of leaf springs. Some even offer enhanced solar power and water-storage capabilities, encouraging drivers to venture off the beaten track and away from familiar tourist campsites. 

While these features no doubt facilitate freedom not found in your everyday caravan, it’s important to note that not all off-roaders are created equal. When choosing to tackle tough terrain for prolonged periods, it’s essential to opt for an even more focused set-up. Higher-end options sport heavy duty airbag suspension designed for dealing with the corrugation-riddled roads that cross Outback Australia. The rough and uneven topography of the Great Central Road in Australia’s west and north, for example, proves extremely challenging for all but the most robust suspension systems. So, it’s wise to take this into account when mapping any potential routes in an off-roader. 

The off-road compromise 

Despite the many advantages of even an entry-level off-road caravan, they’re not always the most fitting choice for the average nomad. With heightened rigidity and strength of construction often comes an increase in overall weight, and this must be measured against the towing capacity of the lead vehicle. 

Buyers should also consider the necessary compromise in storage space that accompanies purchasing a nimble navigator capable of reaching seldom-seen locales. Of course, pricing is another factor that looms large in this class, and any upgrade in performance will see buyers paying a premium over the standard caravan alternatives. 

Adventurous types needn’t break the bank to find themselves kicking back in an off-roader, as there are plenty of great deals when you know where to find them. With a history of supplying quality and affordable travel companions, Hinterland Caravans is your local go-to for off-road caravans on the Gold Coast. Give the friendly team a call today on (07) 5560 2472.


What size caravan is right for you?

With a dizzying array of pop-tops, tourers, and off-roaders hitting the market each year, there are almost as many caravans to choose from as there are caravanners. Choosing the right size and equipment level for your first outing is indeed tricky, but with years of experience in caravan sales, the industry experts at Hinterland Caravans can match even the most selective travellers to the mobile dwelling of their dreams. 

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Caravanning Tips for Your First Trip

Heading out on your maiden caravanning trip is an experience that is sure to spark thrills and a sense of adventure, as well as a healthy dose of trepidation. While you may be itching to hit the road to start enjoying all the great outdoors has to offer, a little preparation and know-how goes a long way to ensure you’re able to make the most of your vehicular voyage. The following top caravanning tips will help bring you (and your home away from home) up to speed while steering clear of the pitfalls prone to newbie travellers.

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Hinterland Caravans is Australia’s premier caravan dealership and one of the major selling agents on the east coast of Australia.

Come in and see our new range of some of the biggest selling brands in the market today – Crusader, Supreme and Leader. While you’re here, check out the massive savings on all stock Traveller caravans.

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