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How to Choose the Perfect Caravan for Your Family

The team at Hinterland Caravans Gold Coast & Morisset appreciate that while it may be exciting to choose the best caravan for your family unless you know exactly what you’re looking for it is a far-from-simple task. With the potential to be confusing and time-consuming, there are a few pointers to help you make a more informed choice.

Considering your intended use

What may be sufficient for a few nights away is not going to be the same as a 3-week family vacation during the summer holidays. Apart from the issues of living space and sleeping arrangements, you may want to discuss with your Lake Macquarie caravan dealer the possible uses of your van, such as who will be travelling, where you like to go – remote trekking or popular tourist spots – and what are your priorities as far as self-sufficiency. 

For example, some people prefer a van with its own washing machine, while others are happy to find the local laundry. You can also choose caravans with separate shower and toilet, gas or electric recessed cooktop and a TV if Dad doesn’t want to miss his favourite matches. 

Make the most of your time

Don’t waste your valuable time looking at caravans that are totally unsuitable for your needs. To avoid this, write down a Wish List that prioritises your key requirements in order to rule out any unsuitable caravans. Then, when you walk into Hinterland Caravans Morisset, you’ll know exactly what to ask our knowledgeable dealers, who can then take you through the lot and show you only the vans that meet your needs. 

Feel free to compile a shortlist, go away and have a think about it. It’s also a really good idea to ask your family what their priorities are. Rather than being confusing, you may get some useful tips to help with your purchase. 

You must also factor in your towing weight. Some of our Hinterland Caravans are more lightweight than others, so you need to consider not only the weight of your vehicle and the weight of the van empty, but how heavy it will be when full, ready for a journey.

The importance of safety and reliability

Safety is your number one consideration when buying a new or quality used caravan from Hinterland Caravans Morisset. Our expert team will go over the entire caravan, checking not only mechanics but also the structure to ensure any second-hand models are fit for resale. Brand new caravans undergo rigorous testing at the manufacturers therefore, they’ve been cleared by Australian Standards before hitting the road. 

You need to maintain your caravan well, and it’s helpful to book it in for a check-up before undergoing any lengthy journeys to avoid hazards along the way. In the long run, you can save yourself a lot of worries and potential costly repairs by choosing to buy from Hinterland Caravans Morisset.

Contact our friendly team on (02) 4970 4164.

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How to Find the Best Caravans for Sale in NSW

Finding caravans for sale in NSW can be something of a challenging exercise, especially if you are not mechanically minded. A few helpful tips, however, will soon have you asking all the right questions to your local Lake Macquarie caravan dealer. 

Consider your needs

The type of caravan you buy will have as much to do with your intended use as your available budget. Consider how far and how often you expect to travel, as well as who will be going and how long you intend to stay in your chosen destinations.

If you’re a keen off-roader, you’ll need to consider the strength of the caravan’s structure, as some are built for gravel roads over bitumen. There are also wheelbase dimensions for balance and steering, as well as the tow load capacity for your current vehicle to factor into the deal.

If you are planning to stay at organised sites with every facility included, you may not need to consider so much storage space, while such things as utility hook-ups will be of more importance for your needs.

Do your homework

When looking for caravans for sale in NSW your best bet is to buy from a reputable dealer. Often a cheaper price on a private sale is hiding something that’s not quite right with the van. There’s a reason you may pay just a little bit more from a dealer for a second-hand caravan because it offers the protection of a legal warranty, a mechanical overhaul and structural checks as well, which can save you hundreds or even thousands down the track.

Watch out for…

A visual check will show you a great deal and special attention should be paid to internal moisture and exterior cracks in upholstery and exterior. All new caravans at Hinterland Caravans Morisset come equipped with guttering to avoid water falling down the walls. A dealer will check that all the appliances work and ensure the vehicles are registered when you drive off the lot. 

Our team can also help you with an insurance quote, as well, as it’s very risky to drive the van anywhere without it. 

The good news is you can take the worry out of searching for caravans for sale in NSW simply by visiting Hinterlands Caravans Morisset or by logging onto our website. We have loads of models to choose from, both new and second-hand, so you’re sure to find a van to suit your budget and specifications.

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What Features to Look When Buying A New Caravan for Sale

Buying a new caravan often means involves a major investment, so you want to ensure you know what you’re doing to avoid any regrets. The average price of new caravans for sale starts about $60,000, as the pastime of caravanning becomes more popular in Australia. This price covers quite a broad range, however, if you have a bigger budget closer to $80,000 and over, there are plenty of exciting caravans at the cutting edge of technology, comfort and luxury.


More experienced caravan owners will thoroughly go over all the features, even on a brand-new vehicle, as novice buyers can be distracted by modern features like power showers, rather than focus on the real value of owning a mobile home.


The importance of concentrating on standard features


Although used caravans are more likely to suffer from mechanical and structural issues, a new caravan may already be showing tell-tale signs. Check the bodywork in particular, as further damage usually starts here. Look for bulging panels or seals that are not quite flush. Even a new caravan may have been on a dealership forecourt for some time, especially if it’s for sale, so weather damage may already be showing.


Another standard check is to try out the layout of the van’s interior. As newer models come in a variety of sleeping and living arrangements, it pays to spend a little time inside the vehicle. If you plan on using your caravan for family holidays, for instance, bring your family when you’re looking at caravans for sale, so they can test out the features for comfort and space. Always allow a little leeway, as mobile homes can seem cramped after a while because you could be spending a lot of time with each other the small compartment.


It pays to be practical


While buying caravans for sale is possible online, the team at Hinterland Caravans doesn’t advise it. It’s not a smart move to buy a vehicle without seeing it first, even if it is advertised as being new from the factory. There are other checks you can make before arranging a viewing, such as checking the seller’s reputation via their online reviews. Also, the exact make, model and year should be made obvious; if not, don’t waste time investigating further.


After-sales service is very important when buying a caravan of any kind, and new caravans should offer excellent warrantees and mechanical support. If there are any conditions attached to your warranty, make sure you know exactly what they are before buying. 


A reputable dealer like Hinterland Caravans offers insurance, finance, repairs and servicing, plus parts and accessories, giving peace of mind to many new buyers. So don’t drive off with the wrong choice, contact the experts first at Hinterland Caravans and make sure you’re getting a great deal.


Travelling Around Australia in a Caravan? Read this first

Setting out on your first caravan trip around our great nation can be a thrilling yet daunting experience. There are immeasurable factors to consider before you hit the road, so it seems overwhelming trying to prepare for every eventuality. Thankfully, heeding the advice of seasoned travellers will help you avoid the pitfalls many green explorers find themselves falling into. The team at the leading suppliers of caravans on the Gold Coast, Hinterland Caravans, offers their tips for making your first foray into the world of caravanning. 

Save the Weight

What may come as a surprise to many a would-be caravanner is that to travel throughout Australia you can still pack light. In fact, doing away with unnecessary items is highly recommended as it can help save weight, and therefore money on fuel, as well as free up space for any sundries you may want to pick up on your adventures. Casual, warm clothing is often all that is needed for a life on the road, and minimising toys and electronic distractions means more time spent exploring the landscapes that inspired your trip, to begin with. 

Of course, there are some necessities that simply can’t be parted with, so identifying these is key to ensuring you’re not caught out. A wise move before you depart on a long trip is to first undertake a “test trip”. Camping somewhere nearby your permanent residence will not only sharpen your caravan towing and set-up skills, but it also highlights any camping equipment, cooking utensils, or other items you may be lacking. Make a list of the gear you need and be sure to check it twice before setting out into a less forgiving environment. 

Stick to Budget

It’s important to establish a feasible weekly budget before you leave. Remember to factor in ongoing fuel and maintenance costs among expenses like accommodation and recreational activities. Roadside fruit stands and local markets are a great way to save some cash while sampling fresh regional produce. 

When you’re travelling around Australia in a caravan with plans of discovering both mainstream and off-the-beaten-track attractions, it pays to speak to the experts at Hinterland Caravans. Gold Coast and Brisbane residents can visit their Burleigh Heads location or phone (07) 5560 2472 for help with caravan sales, maintenance, servicing, and advice. 


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Should I Buy a Secondhand or New Caravan ?


One of the questions we are regularly asked by customers is should I buy a secondhand or new caravan?
When people think of secondhand caravans (or even used cars), they sometimes believe quality must be compromised or that a cheaper, inferior model is the only option.
At Hinterland Caravans, that is not the case. Our Burleigh and Morriset caravan dealerships have hundreds of excellent quality used caravans for sale as well as a great range of new caravans for sale.

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