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After years of research and over twenty years of caravan sales and caravanning experience the team at Hinterland Caravans has researched, designed and developed an amazing range of caravans at VERY affordable prices.

We’ve cut out the middle man and that means huge savings for you and extreme product and warranty confidence. With an Australia Wide warranty and quality of build and fit/finish the Hinterland Caravan range of vans will not only suit your needs it will allow you to travel with confidence.

Although our vans come standard with what most manufacturers would class as extra upgrades we don’t just look at “BLING”. Here at Hinterland Caravans we look at structure, walls, furniture fit and finish and overall strength. We’ve sold vans for decades, we’ve repaired sub-standard built brands and we know what we need to make a quality caravan.

Have a look at our range and if you can’t find the layout you’re looking for give us a call and we may be able to design the perfect caravan for you.

17 Series Cafe Tourer

The construction of the Series 17 allows you to venture off the bitumen!

20 Series Cafe Tourer

The Series 20 allows you to venture off the bitumen!

20 Series Club Tourer

20 Series Recliner Tourer

22 Series Family

19’6 Series Family

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