Finding caravans for sale in NSW can be something of a challenging exercise, especially if you are not mechanically minded. A few helpful tips, however, will soon have you asking all the right questions to your local Lake Macquarie caravan dealer. 

Consider your needs

The type of caravan you buy will have as much to do with your intended use as your available budget. Consider how far and how often you expect to travel, as well as who will be going and how long you intend to stay in your chosen destinations.

If you’re a keen off-roader, you’ll need to consider the strength of the caravan’s structure, as some are built for gravel roads over bitumen. There are also wheelbase dimensions for balance and steering, as well as the tow load capacity for your current vehicle to factor into the deal.

If you are planning to stay at organised sites with every facility included, you may not need to consider so much storage space, while such things as utility hook-ups will be of more importance for your needs.

Do your homework

When looking for caravans for sale in NSW your best bet is to buy from a reputable dealer. Often a cheaper price on a private sale is hiding something that’s not quite right with the van. There’s a reason you may pay just a little bit more from a dealer for a second-hand caravan because it offers the protection of a legal warranty, a mechanical overhaul and structural checks as well, which can save you hundreds or even thousands down the track.

Watch out for…

A visual check will show you a great deal and special attention should be paid to internal moisture and exterior cracks in upholstery and exterior. All new caravans at Hinterland Caravans Morisset come equipped with guttering to avoid water falling down the walls. A dealer will check that all the appliances work and ensure the vehicles are registered when you drive off the lot. 

Our team can also help you with an insurance quote, as well, as it’s very risky to drive the van anywhere without it. 

The good news is you can take the worry out of searching for caravans for sale in NSW simply by visiting Hinterlands Caravans Morisset or by logging onto our website. We have loads of models to choose from, both new and second-hand, so you’re sure to find a van to suit your budget and specifications.

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