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It is important for safety reasons that you match the weight of your car to the weight of your caravan, especially if you are new to the caravan world. The recommended guidelines are there to make sure that there isn’t an imbalance, in this case meaning that the caravan is not too heavy for you to safely tow behind your family car, as this can have disastrous consequences.

In order to properly evaluate this, you first need to know how much your car weighs and how much your caravan weighs. The figure for your car should be in your vehicle manual. If you can’t find it there, you can call Hinterland as we have a copy of the latest Towing Mass Guide for all vehicle models.

Remember, you need the kerb weight of your car when calculating if it’s heavy enough to tow your trailer. When you are calculating the weight for your caravan, it’s the laden weight that you need. This means the weight of the empty caravan plus anything you add for your trip. This extra weight can add up to a figure that’s pretty substantial. As a minimum figure, you should allow about 100 kg of extra weight per person, for the first two people travelling. This 200 kg will take into account all the necessities such as awnings, gas cylinders and batteries. Then you need to add an extra 20 to 30 kg per person thereafter. Check your caravan manual for the exact loading capacity to make sure you’re not overloading the caravan.

This all sounds a little complicated, but you only have to figure out the respective weights for your car and caravan once. After you’ve loaded your caravan a few times, you’ll be a much better judge of the different weights for everything else that you’re adding. As you gain more experience towing your new caravan, you’ll become more confident about judging the feel of the caravan on the road. If you wish to be better prepared
The above information is provided as a general guide only.

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