With a vast array of caravans to buy at your fingertips online, buying a new or used caravan has never been easier for the would-be nomad. If you’re thinking of committing to that next big purchase, here are some things to consider to help you find the perfect fit for your adventuring requirements.

  • What type of caravan should I buy? – The question of which caravan is deserving of your hard-earned cash can be a tricky one. There are numerous factors to consider, such as build quality, the number of beds required, the space needed to park your caravan at home, and the all-important towing power of your vehicle. You may find it beneficial to start by finding a caravan that suits your needs before deliberating over the vehicle required to tow it.
  • What features are best for my needs? –  It’s important to determine early on which features are necessary for your caravanning experience, and which ones don’t apply. This will help shed costly weight of the van as well as easing the load on your hip pocket. Remember to consider the off-road capabilities of your chosen rig when evaluating other amenities, such as showers and barbecues.
  • How will my caravan be financed? – Once you have an understanding of the likely costs of your chosen caravan to buy, it’s time to address how you will purchase your van. During this stage, it’s wise to consider the operating costs, including fuel and campsite rates. Many new and used dealers, such as Hinterland Caravans, offer in-house financing options, making them a one-stop-shop for buyers.
  • How will your van be maintained? – Timely servicing of your home away from home is crucial to enjoying years of stress-free caravanning, as well as preserving the resale value of your investment. Do your research to ensure any work carried out is done by a trusted dealership.
  • Where will I purchase my caravan? – While the internet is an invaluable research tool, it always pays to personally inspect the caravan you intend to purchase. When looking at caravans to buy, talking to the seller and stepping inside the vehicle is very different to looking at images on your computer. Finding a reputable dealer gives peace of mind when it comes to such a major investment and allows you the opportunity to discuss the ins and outs of caravanning, as well as things like insurance and the warranty, with an experienced professional. 


With years of experience in sales, maintenance and finance, industry experts Hinterland Caravans can help guide both seasoned travellers looking to upgrade, as well as travel enthusiasts making their first foray into the world of caravanning. 

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