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Is Insuring My RV expensive?


Here at Hinterland Caravans on the Gold Coast, we know the ins and outs of travelling and camping in Queensland. The cost of insuring your motorhome does not even compare to the cost of extensive repairs if they should be required.


Therefore, weighing up your options should only be, “What type of cover do I need?”


The team at Hinterland Caravans has years of experience repairing caravans, motorhomes and RVs, so we know what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to spending money on your camping trip, however long you plan to take.

We have invested in a brilliant service centre in Varsity Lakes, which is part of our ever-growing resource base. For caravan repairs in QLD by a licensed insurer for your RV, we have everything you need.


Moving Cover


When thinking about insuring your motorhome or RV, it’s important to remember what it is you’re paying for.

Motor homes are basically moveable apartments. This means you have to pay for home and vehicle insurance at the same time if you want to be sure you won’t come unstuck when your travelling through remote areas.

As you would imagine, Australian law for insuring RVs is very particular.

There are so many repairs you may have to make to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, let alone the mechanics themselves.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that RVs are road vehicles before anything else.

As with any other, and especially large, powerful ones, all vehicles must be appropriately insured. You must have CTP Green Slip Insurance to drive an RV.

While Green Slip insurance is a basic requirement, the expense of motorised homes makes it wise to take fully comprehensive cover as well.

As they are very complex pieces of machinery, unless you are a qualified mechanic you will probably struggle to even name most of the working parts.


Standing Charges


With Hinterland’s many years providing caravan repairs in QLD, our team appreciates the intricacies of these handy vehicles.

That’s why we recommend being as fully insured as possible before you take your RV on the road.

You’re driving a combined vehicle and home together, so think about the many hazards that can go wrong for both a vehicle plus a home, such as fire, flooding, cyclones, hailstorms, etc.

Then there’s theft, actual or attempted, malicious damage, and any sort of collision you are involved in, whether you caused it or someone else.

Motor homes and RVs today come with all sorts of add-ons, all of which you might want to consider insuring properly. Your awnings, annexes and anything else you absolutely need, like a fridge.

Take all of these things into consideration if you’re considering paying as little as possible on insurance.

Just imagine what you would do if you were stuck without cover for a tow truck.

In our opinion, the more cover you have the better, and the difference in price could make a huge difference in your options when you really need them.


We’ve Got It Covered


For help on anything from caravan repairs in QLD to the price of RV insurance, get in touch with us at Hinterland. Visit our site today to ensure you are fully covered.


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Should I Buy a Secondhand or New Caravan?




Should I Buy a Secondhand or New Caravan?


Whatever type of caravan you are looking for you will find it at Hinterland Caravans. When people think of used caravans or even cars they sometimes believe they will have to compromise on quality or model.

That is not the case with our Gold Coast and Newcastle caravan dealerships as we have hundreds of high quality secondhand caravans for sale.




The main reason that people choose a pre-loved caravan is either because of their budget or they are new to caravanning and can’t justify spending so much on a brand new van, in case they don’t take to the pastime.

There are numerous questions people ask themselves, such as, “What if I don’t like caravanning?” or “Is it affordable?”

As caravan lovers we may be slightly biased but there is no better way to explore Australia than in a caravan.

It affords you freedom with your own personal space and belongings; truly a home away from home.

When looking for secondhand caravans for sale here at Hinterland Caravans, you will find a range that is updated on a regular basis, prices that are discounted and some truly fantastic deals.


What Are the Benefits of a Secondhand Caravan?


If you and your family are just starting out on your caravanning journey, one of our quality secondhand caravans will be ideal for your needs.

As well as the lower price, compared to a new caravan, you don’t want the extra worry while getting used to towing.

Towing a caravan is something that can come naturally to some people, but it still takes a lot of practise to master.

Also, it will depend on how much you are planning to use your caravan.

It can be a relatively large outlay so if you are not going to be using it more than a few times a year you will not require all the benefits of a new caravan.


The Choice


Our choice of secondhand caravans for sale, on both of our sites on the Gold Coast and Lake Macquarie, is close to unbeatable.

Whatever size family you have we can find you the perfect caravan. Single axle, double axle, pop tops, small and large, we have them all.

As well as all our fantastic secondhand caravans for sale, we are also available for all your servicing needs.

Our fully comprehensive service teams will keep you and your caravan rolling for years to come.


Come on Down


As one of Queensland’s largest suppliers of new and used caravans, our expert and friendly team will be here to advise you during every step.

We also have a showroom in NSW so wherever you are you will find a Hinterland caravan for you.


Come on down to see us or contact us to see what we can do for you.

We’ll have you driving away with your very own caravan in no time, so you can enjoy years of happy holidaying.


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10 Reasons You Should Try Off-road Caravanning